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Soul Level Connections

Mediumship Readings. Energy Healing. Meditation.

Kylie Paekau. Psychic medium, energy healing, clairvoyant reading in Hamilton

About Kylie

Kylie was born into this life with Psychic Medium abilities, passed down to her through generations of gifted ancestors. Since a young child Kylie used her spiritual gifts to form Soul Level Connections. Through working with Kylie you can find connection to your loved ones in Spirit, connection to your own inner guide and connection to your highest potential. Kylie taps into both her innate clairvoyant abilities and many years of training in the metaphysical arts to bring you a fusion of modalities and her own unique form of healing for mind, body and soul.

psychic medium 
energy healing
spiritual retreat
mediumship readings
clairvoyant reading

Kylie is amazing. She put my mind and soul at ease and gave me so much perspective. Definitely will be back, thank you sooooo much!
- Arianna


Available in person in Hamilton, New Zealand. Or via online video conferencing.

Energy Balance Session

Mind, Body and Spirit.
Experience Kylie's unique style of Energy Healing using a fusion of modalities tailored to best suit each individuals needs.

Private Reading

Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings.
Connecting to your loved ones in Spirit, to bring messages of love, hope and peace. Guidance and insights for your journey ahead.


Classes, Courses and Spiritual Retreat.
Meditation, Spiritual Development and guidance for deepening your Spiritual or self-healing practices

Spiritual retreat. Energy healing session with crystals
Kylie Paekau. Psychic medium, energy healing, clairvoyant reading in Hamilton
Meditation classes and courses. Spiritual retreat.

"...generosity of spirit..."

I have no words that will ever adequately convey how grateful to you we are. Your generosity of spirit, empathy and sheer kindness was such a balm for my whanau (family) after our loss. I wish you every success in sharing your unique brand of Aroha (love), they will be better for it.
-T. Smale 


"...higher deeper realm..."

The only adequate description of how I feel after an Energy Healing with Kylie is 'speechless'. You didn't even have to speak because my soul already heard you. There was nothing physical about this experience, it was on a higher deeper realm than that, it was purely spiritual.

I felt like I was (excuse the pun) away with the fairies. I surrendered all my worldly focus and was attuned spiritually. I escaped into a world of peace and tranquillity and let your soul guide and support my soul.

I can't even find words to do it justice. It's magic.
- Tiana

"...absolute gem..."

Kylie is an absolute gem to this work her work simply has no limits. You're always guaranteed to walk out after the session and have a whole new understanding and meaning to life and things that come with it. I can not speak more highly of Kylie. I've taken multiple people to see her for clairvoyant mediumship readings and everyone of them have loved her! It's such a blessing knowing you Kylie.
- N. Millar

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