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My Story

I was born into this life with psychic medium abilities, the ability to see, hear and feel spirit and the energetic realms. Descending from a long line of healers and seers, as a young child I was taught about the realms of the Heavens and Earth by my ancestors, as well as how to use energy healing to help others.

As I grew I started to become aware that people around me weren't having the same spiritual experiences I was and, in an attempt to fit in, I tried to shut down my spiritual abilities... and eventually even came to fear them.

As a young Adult I was consumed by this fear and my world turned into a dark place that was also compounded by depression, anxiety as well as PTSD resulting from enduring many traumas as a child.

It was when I become a young Mum, that I realized I could not continue to live in this dark space and I vowed to find healing for myself, so as to not pass my traumas onto my children. I immersed myself in spiritual practice and took up all the learning I could in order to reconnect with my spiritual roots and make sense of my gifts.

Through doing so I came to find a deep sense of peace and faith within and learnt to use both my spiritual abilities and my experience through trauma in order to help others.

I am now a Mama of five and have been working for over ten years as a Professional Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Meditation Coach, helping thousands of clients to reach that same sense of peace and faith within, and connecting them with their loved ones in spirit through Clairvoyant Readings, Energy Healing sessions and participation in Spiritual Retreat.

Kylie Paekau. Clairvoyant mediumship, energy healing.

My Approach

I believe we are ALL Spiritual beings, having a human experience, that our Souls choose to incarnate, in these physical bodies, at this time, in order to experience, learn and grow. I believe that as we move through life we gain experiences which help us to understand both our Soul lessons and our Soul gifts.

I believe that in every moment we are surrounded by a team of Angels and Spirit guides who are there to support us in making life choices that are in alignment with who we are, at Soul Level. I believe that all healing, insight and peace is available to us as we connect in with the energies of our Soul and that of our Angels, Guides and the Creator.

I believe we all have the power within us to connect with the realms of Spirit, though as it can take a lot of practice and dedication to make sense of working with Energy/Spirit, I understand why people often find they need help with making those connections... and that is where I come in.


To me every being is Sacred and I endeavor to treat each interaction with clients as a Sacred experience, upholding love, compassion and respect for whatever it is you are going through. Prayer and reflection are a huge part of my spiritual practice and I ask only to work for the Highest good.

I have a passion for learning, so although I was taught from a young age how to work with my clairvoyant gifts, I've also studied many different healing modalities including;

Energy Kinesiology, Reiki, Mirimiri, Color Therapy, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Crystal Healing, Sacred Essences Practitioner, Mediumship Readings (intuitive tarot), Rongoa, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils, Chakradance Facilitator, Yoga Studies, Meditation Coach, Life Coach, EFT (Tapping), PTSD & Trauma Care Essentials, Personal Nutrition, Child Development and am a Registered member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT). I use a fusion of these therapies tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.

I offer in person Clairvoyant Readings and Energy Healing sessions from my Healing Studio in Forest Lake, Hamilton, NZ.

I also do Clairvoyant Readings via Zoom . Distance Energy Healing and Spiritual Retreat are also available on request.

For more information about how I work please check out my FAQ or Blog.

Kylie Paekau | energy healing | spiritual retreat
Tarot cards. Clairvoyant reading. Mediumship readings
energy healing session with crystals. spiritual healing
Tarot card. mediumship readings, clairvoyant reading
Kylie Paekau's energy healing studio
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