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Energy Healing during Pregnancy.

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

I often get asked if its ok to come for an Energy Balance during pregnancy… and the answer is a resounding YES! In fact energy work is a great way to support your changing body as well as the emotional aspects that come with pregnancy. Having five children (and one angel baby) of my own this is journey I know all too well! Here is a little about how Energy Balance can support you through conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. After working with 100s of clients over the years in my practice as both a Clairvoyant Medium and an Energy Healer I regularly sees clients who are expecting and find certain patterns within each trimester often come up for focus.

Preconception. Whether you've starting trying, are thinking about trying or have been trying for awhile and are yet to conceive Energy Balance during this phase can be a vital part of this magical (ok lets be honest sometimes also frustrating and heartbreaking) process. I've worked with many mothers (and fathers) who are trying to conceive, including clients who've had fertility issues, and I hold dear to my heart all the little faces of the bubbas who's Mamas once told me 'I don't think ill ever conceive'. Though its definitely important to listen to the advice of medical professionals and I in no way want to paint this as a magical 'fix' for those on a more nuanced journey towards pregnancy, I've often witnessed how successful pregnancy can be so much a process of alignment, of all the pieces needing to come together (ha whoops). In an Energy Balance we work on all levels of the being Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Subconscious, Conscious, Superconscious, and through doing so are able to access parts of ourselves that may really be needing some love/support/clarity, allowing us to surrender deeper into the process of conceiving a bubba. Our body is such a powerful thing... and creating life is its greatest powers. Protecting us is another of it's great powers... though it's not one that always works to our conscious life advantage. Its common for the body to hold onto things; like the time 8 year old you noticed your Mum was sooo stressed from looking after your younger siblings that you told yourself 'you will never have kids'. Or for the mind to be so concerned about how your career will change that it creates a doubt which seeps over into the body, actually blocking a successful pregnancy UNTIL it can see a way in which you can have both career and family. Or maybe a Dr told you that your endometriosis will make getting pregnant a very difficult journey, so believing it will be hard you stop yourself from connecting with the soul of your baby.

There are a Myriad of reasons why the body, mind, or soul may not yet be in full alignment with your baby making plans so through the process of Energy Balance we get to gently pull these hidden truths to surface and then work to realign everything, creating optimal conditions for that baby to stick!! And of course energy healing doesn't have to just be for those who may be struggling to conceive, but also for those who are just building up to the idea of baby making (or just starting). Energy Balance is a beautiful way to celebrate this new season in your life, and to really relax into all the changes that will soon be coming your way.

First trimester. First trimester Energy Balance for many people is about calming anxieties and processing the news. When the pregnancy has come as a surprise (happy surprise or SURPRISE surprise) there is often a lot of shock or nervous tension running through the body and mind. Through doing healing work we release the high charge of energy the mother may have and help her nervous system relax, turning the anxiety into excitement as we help her see into the joy of the process.

This is also a time where parents can be feeling very cautious, not yet past that "safe zone" they can worry if they'll make that sacred13 week mark, and for many this can actually be quite a lonely and isolating time. You may feel the weight of the massive changes your life is about to take, whilst also still be keeping this news 'secret' to the majority of people around you. You may be feeling like absolute crap with early pregnancy symptoms and forcing yourself to "act normal" in order to hide the pregnancy from those your not yet ready to share with. Energy Balance can support you in dealing with early pregnancy symptoms. As well as be a safe space in which you can share all your often suppressed thoughts, feelings, wonderings or dreams. In an Energy session with a First Trimester Mama we create a energetic protection around her and bubba, a sacred space in which Mama can connect with the soul of her baby and begin to communicate with them, this is the foundations of what we often tout as the powerful 'mothers intuition' and Energy Balance at this time nurtures that connection which serves both mother and baby for decades to come.

Second trimester

Second trimester is often about keeping Mum comfortable in her changing body, supporting changes in hormones and relationships, and can be a time in which Mum can be feeling the need for support with making decisions for future career plans etc. It's common in the second trimester for Mum to be having childhood issues resurface from the subconscious (sometimes this shows up as an intense dream life) which through Energy healing we can gently process and lovingly release, empowering Mum to be the Mother she desires whilst releasing patterns from her past that may have been painful, and securing in her mindset the values that are important to HER as a parent. Second Trimester is a time in which Mum may be feeling a surge in energy and a pressure to "get more done" and is also a bit of a transition time for most parents. Your belly is getting bigger, you may begin to be feeling the physical limitations of pregnancy and you've likely begun doing the practical things like buying clothes and carseats, it's all starting to become a bit more 'real'. Energy Balance at this time is a wonderful way for Mum to celebrate herself, to bring more joy and wonder to the process and to begin to put into action self care practices that will serve her greatly in the months ahead.

Third trimester

Third trimester is where we start to prepare your body for birth, during the Energy Balance we do deep healing and relaxation practices to energetically prepare the body with optimum hormone production in order to support the birth process. This is also the time we begin to relieve any anxieties Mum may have around birth, and discuss supportive remedies and exercises for a smooth and positive birth experience. In the Third Trimester Energy Balance we begin to create maximum spiritual receptiveness (or openness) for Mum, as it is widely believed that during labour the 'soul of the mother travels to the realms of the heavens in order to retrieve her child'. Birth is really an incredibly sacred experience, yet sadly in the west we've normalised horror stories and this often shows up in the thoughts, beliefs and fears of mothers ahead of giving birth. Whilst working with pregnant women, and especially so in the third trimester, I'm very aware of the need to normalise for Mum the knowledge and belief that she was built for this, that she has all the strength, courage and the tools within her that she needs to bring her baby into this world. And that by creating the optimal surroundings, by learning to rely on her breath and by listening to her body and her baby, that this can instead be a moment of great empowerment, strength and beauty.

Fourth Trimester.

An Energy Balance during the Fourth trimester (the first three months after birth) is where we commonly pull the energy back in to something more manageable for Mum at this vulnerable time. In many cultures this is known as a closing or completion ceremony as after having been opened to the maximum spiritual receptiveness (either through energy work or through the natural process of birth) we turn that receptiveness back down again and move it through the other levels of the being in order to support Mum with a more balanced energy system. This is also the time in which we process the birth story and any remaining fragments of energy that may be present if birth traumas have occurred. This helps Mum deal with the depth of emotions that may have arisen since giving birth, and empowers her on her journey through the newborn days.

One of the key practices I do at this time is to once again increase Mums Spiritual/Energetic protection. During the fourth trimester Mums can be bombarded with information, expectations and often overwhelmed, by caring for a newborn whilst still meeting the demands of others. Modern society is not one in where our new mothers are well nurtured, and at a time where she needs love and kindness the most, Mum can also become very hard on herself, lacking both self-compassion and support from others. Mums these days often push through this season instead of allowing themselves to rest and recuperate, hence Energy Balance at this time can be a really essential part of avoiding and/or healing post-partum depression, and to be fair, most mums at this stage just really enjoy the deep rest they get during their 1.5hrs on the healing table.

Through working with many expectant parents over the years I've noticed these common patterns/experiences time and again. Though I recognise certain "needs" during each stage, each session is innately tailored to the individual and focuses on THEIR priority needs. The beauty of working with both kinesiology and spirit is that we connect in with all levels of you, your body, your mind and your soul expression in order to work towards the highest good of what is happening for you.

When pregnancy isn't always a happy experience. Sadly miscarriage, and baby loss are also very real parts of a lot of families experience, (a journey I have been through also) and is an experience through which I believe many parents struggle to find the ways in which to honour the life of their baby. Energy Balance (or a Private Reading) can be a powerful step on your road to healing and acceptance, I believe that the souls of our bubbas come to us for a reason and a purpose, and even if they do not stay long inside your womb that the time they do spend with us is meaningful. As we connect with the soul of your bubba many parents feel a sense of relieve and the beginning of a new kind of connection with their little angel baby. A connection which often serves them and their family going forward. The same can be said for termination and I find this is an experience many women find they need energetic support around, sometimes many years after the fact, and specifically with the next subsequent pregnancy. Below is a testimonial from a client after coming to see me whilst in the process of miscarriage...

"I recently went through the heartbreak of a miscarriage. I booked in to have a session with Kylie being quite nervous with what I was going to face. Kylie was so warm and welcoming. I found that she helped me re-centre and balance myself and from this I was able to find the strength in my heart and soul to face the grief, allowing me to accept and work through it all with not only sadness but by feeling the love and support surrounding me. Coming through all this I felt calm and at peace, ready to move forward with knowing another very special Angel has my back. Thank you Kylie, I will forever be grateful."

The village. Though this post has been written with pregnant Mamas in mind, it really does take a village to raise a child. Dads are an integral part of the child rearing process, and so too can be others. A parent awaiting a baby via adoption or surrogacy, a woman carrying a surrogate pregnancy, a donor or any of the other beautiful family make ups, each journey comes with it's own highs, lows, challenges, benefits, trials, feelings, worries and beauty. So whoever you are in the village you are very much welcome also, Energy Balance, though subtle, is powerful and as a Healer I'm committed to sharing this with all who desire to experience it:)

For bookings. When you book an Energy Balance during pregnancy please state in notes how far along you are so that I can take that into account when preparing remedies for you, as well as have extra pillows ready to keep you comfortable if you are further along (if you use a pregnancy pillow feel free to bring it along).

Gifting a Balance. Energy Balance is also a great gift for that Mama to be or new parent who already has everything. If you would like to purchase a Energy Balance session for someone else, please get in touch and we can organise a voucher.

Medical Conditions. Its common for medical conditions to arise during pregnancy, Energy Healing is very gentle and for the most part is suitable for everyone. If you are experiencing any additional complications or medical challenges please say so at your appointment and as always please follow the advise of your healthcare professional. About the Author: Kylie Paekau is a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Meditation teacher as well as a busy Mama of five. Kylie offers Mediumship Readings, Clairvoyant Reading and Energy Healing from her clinic in Hamilton, New Zealand as well as via Zoom. Kylie is available for speaking gigs and for guest work at Spiritual Retreat.

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